Tuesday, December 13, 2005

PARISH HOT TIP #4 - Did you know your ParishWorld comes with a universal global section and a local parish section?

ParishWorld comes with two sections. The URL www.parishworld.net opens to ParishWorld, America's Catholic Lifestyle Magazine. As the tagline implies, this magazine was created to satisfy the craving of Catholics everywhere for a magazine that covers their faith as well as the lifestyle that comes with living that faith. All Catholics living in any part of the world will immediately identify with this magazine.

Inside ParishWorld, readers have the option of viewing a localized magazine for the specific parishes they belong to. These local parish magazines, or what we call "Online Parish community Centers," are filled with articles and information that is specific to each local parish. You can consider this to be your very own ParishWorld Magazine individualized to your specific parish.

To view this, simply CHOOSE YOUR PARISH at the upper right hand side of the www.parishworld.net page and click your parish name if they belong to our network.

If your parish does not belong to our network, there are prompts you can fill so we can work to include your parish into ours. And they can begin receiving their very own parish magazines online using our service.

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