Thursday, December 15, 2005

READER HOT TIP #8 - Forwarding ParishWorld articles to your email group

You just found a great article in ParishWorld and you feel you want to share it with the whole world. You just need to send it out. It's too important to let it sit idly in your PC.

ParishWorld articles can be forwarded to as many as three email recipients by clicking EMAIL CONTENT at the bottom of the article.

But what if you wanted to send it to more than three people? Or what if you wanted to use the email addresses that you have in your Outlook address book? Simple. With the ParishWorld article open, click FILE at the top navigation bar of your Internet Explorer, then click SEND. Choose SEND LINK BY EMAIL and your Outlook will open. From there, you will be able to choose email addresses or email groups from your Outlook address book.

It's that easy.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

PARISH HOT TIP #7 - How to remember the URL for your local parish magazine

It's easy to remember the URL of your parish's local ParishWorld magazine.

If your parish is a member of our network, your URL will be For example, here's one:

Go ahead try it out.

PARISH HOT TIP #6 - Read your parish bulletin online

Did you know you can read your parish bulletin online at First, find the local Online Community Center for your own parish in Click the link to open it and look for that middle top section with the scrolling news that look like a ticker tape. That is your parish bulletin. Your parish staff updates this for you every week.

Go ahead and try it!

If your parish is not yet a member of our ParishWorld family, send an email to . Send us all pertinent information about your parish including address, phone, email, pastor's name etc.

We will contact them immediately for inclusion in our network.

READER HOT TIP #5 - Breakfast with God

Breakfast with God is a daily meditation section about the Mass Readings for the day. This section changes daily. The meditation is short and sweet. And the Readings are the exact readings you would have heard if you had the opportunity to go to Mass that day.

It's a great way to start your day. After you turn on your computer every morning, spend the first three minutes at viewing Breakfast with God .

Why don't you begin every day with the Lord at your side. You'll be amazed at the wonders He can do when you walk with Him.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

PARISH HOT TIP #4 - Did you know your ParishWorld comes with a universal global section and a local parish section?

ParishWorld comes with two sections. The URL opens to ParishWorld, America's Catholic Lifestyle Magazine. As the tagline implies, this magazine was created to satisfy the craving of Catholics everywhere for a magazine that covers their faith as well as the lifestyle that comes with living that faith. All Catholics living in any part of the world will immediately identify with this magazine.

Inside ParishWorld, readers have the option of viewing a localized magazine for the specific parishes they belong to. These local parish magazines, or what we call "Online Parish community Centers," are filled with articles and information that is specific to each local parish. You can consider this to be your very own ParishWorld Magazine individualized to your specific parish.

To view this, simply CHOOSE YOUR PARISH at the upper right hand side of the page and click your parish name if they belong to our network.

If your parish does not belong to our network, there are prompts you can fill so we can work to include your parish into ours. And they can begin receiving their very own parish magazines online using our service.

READER HOT TIP #3 - ParishWorld content changes daily

Did you know that the articles in your ParishWorld Magazine change daily? Our editors work hard to populate all the ParishWorld sections with fresh new articles, in most cases we even add stories several times a day. If it's breaking news that relates to our Catholic faith, we will have it.

So go online everyday, in fact go online several times a day. And read the many fresh articles we post daily for your reading pleasure.

We also recommend you visit Breakfast Wtih God daily, it's our inspirational section that contains the Mass Readings for the day as well as a splendid meditation.

Go visit us daily. And don't forget to forward the articles you like to all your friends as well. Nothing is lost and much is gained when we put forth the Good News of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

READER HOT TIP #2 - Receive ParishWorld FREE once a week by email

Did you know that you can receive a copy of the latest issue ParishWorld weekly by email? This email arrives every Friday morning and comes with the Readings and homily for Sunday. It also comes with the latest headlines of ParishWorld global stories, as well as the latest stories from your individual parishes.

To receive this free weekly email, click SUBSCRIBE at the top left of every ParishWorld page. Fill out the pertinent information and follow the cues to send in your subscription. You should receive your weekly email copy of ParishWorld by Friday morning. Getting a subscription also opens you to many site features, benefits and bonuses only subscribed users can view. Get your subscription today. It's FREE.

READER HOT TIP # 1 - Send any article to your friends

Did you know you can easily email any ParishWorld article to a friend? It could be a ParishWorld article about a topic that is of particular interest to you. Ot it could be an article that gave you some great information about our Catholic faith. Or it could simply be an inspiring article that you think can help enlighten a friend.

To send your chosen article to a friend (or up to three friends), simply click EMAIL CONTENT at the bottom of the article page, fill in the information requested and a copy is instantly sent out to him (or them).

It’s that easy. Try it today.